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Your Body & You Series
Your Body & You: You're Unique!
A look at how to take care of your amazing body

Your body is fantastic! You need to look after it well so it will last you through your whole life. Discover how to take care of your body by getting enough rest, eating well and taking enough exercise. But remember you also need to look after your mind and mental health - and this book will show you how.
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Your Body & You: Looking After Your Body
A look at how we are all amazing and unique!

Do you have curly hair or straight? Brown eyes or blue? Maybe you wear glasses or braces or use a wheelchair? You're Unique takes a look at all different things that make us all individual, and explains just how you became you. It also reminds us that every body is amazing and should be cared for and respected.
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Your Body & You: Growing And Changing
A look at your amazing body and how it grows and changes through your lifetime

Growing & Changing explores the human life cycle, looking at how we and our bodies grow, develop and change throughout our life, from birth through to childhood, puberty, adulthood and old age. Along the way, we learn many new skills and discover our independence.
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Your Body & You encourages young readers to understand and appreciate their amazing bodies

Your body is very special and it's up to YOU when and how you want to be touched. In Body Privacy, find out how to stay safe, both in the real world and online, and learn what to do if you are touched in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or bad.
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Your Body & You: Body Privacy
Big Fish Kitty Fish
Big Fish Kitty Fish is a story about Mr. Kitty and his friend dog Binky. They were so bored with their regular food-canned fish. Once they decided to build a submarine that allowed them to travel to the bottom of the ocean. They thought they could catch a perfect fish for dinner! When they got into the submarine and reached the bottom of the ocean they saw a BIG fish which started to chase them. It looked like they were a perfect meal for this monster! Mr. Kitty and Binky decided to race home. Finally, they happily enjoyed a nice big bowl of canned fish.
Bouncer picture book
This is a children's picture book about the adventures of a little cute girl, her dog Bouncer, and her family. I had the great pleasure to work with D Mind Education. In addition, this book talks about friendship, family values, and taking care of animals.

Winner of the The Book Excellence Award 2022
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